CUP International       Service, Hope and Health to the People of India Since 1989

Community Uplift Projects International (CUP) was founded in 1989 by Washington, DC area resident Samuel Koilpillai, MBA, MPH.  Mr. Koilpillai, originally from south India, practiced a career in international public health with the World Health Organization and extended his experience and education by returning to India, the starting point for programs to help the world’s poor, especially women and children.

Supported by a volunteer Board of Directors, Mr. Koilpillai founded CUP as a non-profit organization (501c3) based in Maryland. The Board of Directors is comprised of professionals with expertise in education, social program development, medicine, international development, finance, health and public outreach, who share a strong sense of mission to help those oppressed socially and economically. Currently, CUP focuses its global mission on rural communities in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Projects of CUP operate in India under the name “Anantha Ashram,” meaning a community where eternal values are promoted. These programs address medical, health, social welfare and education needs of children, women and the general population of villages surrounding Hosur, a town about 30 miles from Bangalore, a city renowned for commerce and technology.


Saving Children; Bringing Families Together; Teaching Wellness; Preventing and Treating Illness

CUP’s Timeline

1989 - CUP International is registered as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in the United States
1989 - Anantha Ashram Trust is registered in India.
1991 - Establishment of the Children’s Home in Hosur, India
1991 - Establishment of a small rural health clinic on the same grounds as the Children’s Home
1991 - Kumar, the first infant was abandoned and brought to the care of the Anantha Ashram Children’s Home
1995 - Our first adoption is official conducted
1997 - The new Anantha Ashram Hospital building is inaugurated
2001 - Celebrated our 10 year anniversary
2011 - Celebrated our 20 year anniversary!
2016 - Celebrated our 25 year anniversary CUP 25th Anniversary.pdf)
...and our history continues with your kindness and help...

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